The Front Porch Project



To every single family who participated in my Front Porch Project during the COVID-19 pandemic! With your support, and after three months of shooting, I photographed 110 Families that included: 3 Birthday Celebrations, 1 Wedding, 4 Expectant Mother's and raised over $700 for two local charities! I could never have done this without all of your support, love and good vibes. These are moments and memories we are going to look back at for years to come. These photographs will be cherished for generations as we tell the stories we've created these past three months. I cannot thank you all enough.

I hope I brought a little light to your life during these troublesome times!


Be safe and stay well!


All the Best,

Nicole XOXO

Want to know what the Front Porch Project was all about?  Read Below! 

In a time of such uncertainty and fear it is important we do what we do best to get through this together.  The Front Porch Project does exactly that: it brings us back together... from a distance! I will be volunteering my services to capture family portraits on your front porch from the sidewalk-- no less than 20 feet away!


The total session will take no more than 5 minutes of your time and there will be no touching or physical interactions-- just a smile from afar!


After your quick session you'll get a free digital family portrait to look back on! I will be sharing these photos on social media using #TheFrontPorchProjectIslandPark tag.  

Please share and spread the word too!


All that I ask in return is for you to pay it forward in anyway you can. I will be accepting donations to two local causes that directly support those effected by the COVID-19 pandemic:

"Connecting Patients to Their Families" and "Serving Those Who Serve Us 11561".  

Information for both causes can be found on their Facebook Group Pages.  

TO BE CLEAR:  Your session will be no more than 5 minutes long.  It will ONLY occur outside, from 20 feet away or more and there will be ZERO physical interaction. I will call you when I am outside of your house, and you and your family MUST stay on your front porch for both your safety as well as mine. 


This is not a typical posed session- if you want to take a shot in what you've been wearing all day, please do! Kids have dirt on their shirts from playing outside? Let's keep it like that! This is a portrait to capture the real, the raw, and the truth of what we are facing in these times. 

After all, we are only going to get through this TOGETHER!