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Book Review: Broke Millennial Takes on Investing

Broke Millennial Takes on Investing by Erin Lowry is an easy to use guide for the newbie inventor who is looking to begin taking baby steps in investing. It is a sequel to her Broke Millennial which I already did a review of. I suggest reading Broke Millennial first as it lays the foundations for a sound financial life, which you need to have before you begin investing.

Broke Millennial Takes on Investing is a step-by-step beginner's guide on working through getting together an investment portfolio. Lowry provides her readers with the tools to begin researching and figuring out who to go to and what for to get the best portfolio for you. She also goes into detail on how to get your 401K from work squared away and what is best for you. Lowry provides you with a wide range of different tools that may or may not work for you and are flexible to meet your needs.

Similar to her first book, this book is an excellent resource to use, only this time with investing in mind. She gives you links, websites, and a whole bunch of various resources to be able to use and check what is a best approach for you. The book is completely dummy-proof and you do not need to have any background knowledge of investing to use this book to your advantage. Lowry's witty writing and likeable voice shows throughout the pages of the book. It is simply a how-to guide filled with wonderful resources to get your feet wet into the world of investing.

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