Book Review: Not That I Could Tell

Not That I Could Tell By: Jessica Strawser

This one took me a little while to finish up. It wasn’t one of those suspense novels that I flipped the pages through and sat in my car after I got off the train to finish.

It was well written and the story-line was good, however I found the foreshadowing to be a bit predictable and the outcome to be sort of cliche. But then again, maybe that’s because suspense novels are an avid genre on my bookshelf.

Set in modern day five neighbors, and mothers of young children gather around a fire pit for a girls night in. They ensure the baby monitors reach their location and guzzle down a few bottles of wine. The evening gets blurring and the next morning is even blurrier. The women soon find out one of them, and her twins have gone missing that evening.

The one who seemingly lived the perfect life, was the amazing mother and devoted wife, how could she have gone missing? The small suburban town of Yellow Springs soon becomes a setting of police tape and questioning detectives and nothing seems the same as it once was.

With likable and relatable characters, Strawser does an excellent job at painting and describing the novel so much so that you can really see the story unfolding before your minds eye.

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