Book Review: The Golden Hour

The Golden Hour By: Beatriz Williams

Slow built, multiple story lines, long length, however I did not want it to end. This is not a novel where you can zone out and not think in order to consume it. It’s a novel which requires thinking, connection making and some back page turning to see where you left off and with whom. I think that’s what made me not want it to end.

Overall, the story line(s) are excellent. It’s a very well written novel with in depth characters and much thought that went into its development. As with much Historical Fiction, many of the events which took place actually happened, which alone in entrancing.

This novel had everything though. Strong female characters, love, plot twists, explicitly and so much more. Williams did an amazing job at painting the portrait of a wartime Bahamas and Europe.

The novel follows two main protagonists, living at two very different times in the early 20th century. Although those are the main story lines, there are many other revolving story lines that add to the development of the novel as a whole.

It truly was a novel that pulled emotions of happiness, sadness, as well as both tears of joy and sorrow. A novel I did not want to close as I turned upon the final page. Excellently written. I cannot wait to pick up another novel of Williams.

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