Book Review: The Great Alone

The Great Alone By: Kristin Hannah

Choosing just one book that I’ve read within the past six months is a difficult task at hand; however, I think I’ll talk about The Great Alone, by Kristin Hannah—a Book of the Month favorite for sure.  The overall storyline of the novel was compelling through its intense description and attention to details.  I found myself immensely engulfed in the details and fully picturing the scenes before me in my mind’s eye.  We follow the development of a young girl, Leni Allbright and her life on America’s last frontier, Alaska, in the 1970’s.  Her complex family life, including a post-Vietnam veteran father and a fragile mother, Leni develops into a young woman capable of many things.  Through immense love, nature and strength, The Great Alone is a novel that truly transports you in time and dives you deep down into the storyline using strong character development and setting descriptions.  It is easily one of my favorites which I intend to read again and again.

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