Book Review: The Silent Patient

The Silent Patient By: Alex Michaelides

What I would call a good page turner to help pass time. It was both well written and engulfed the reader into the human psyche.

The novel follows a well renown artist, Alicia Berenson, who was deemed to be the murderer of her late husband. After her husbands death, she falls silent on all accounts of the murder. She remains silent for over seven years and is admitted into a mental institution for being “mad” rather than trialed as a sane murderer.

Theo Faber is a criminal psychotherapist who takes up interest in Alicia’s case the moment it is made public. Theo finds himself soon working at the same institution that Alicia is admitted to and he strives for the desire to get Alicia to speak. But, as we get to know Theo, and Alicia’s silence better, the reader begins to unfold that there are two sides to every story.

My one big criticism is how confusing the plot was when you realize the twist at the end. Looking back, the times of each story could possibly have been clearly marked as opposed to the different in just the narrative versus the diary entries.

Overall, the plot was capturing and eventful. I always love a good thriller with a plot twist in the end. I also enjoy short chapters and quick plot snippets as I commute and short chapters provide a good benchmark for a bookmark every few pages. Definitely what I would refer to as a “commuter read”.

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