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Book Review: Turn of the Key

Turn of the Key

By: Ruth Ware

Plot twist! That’s all I have to say about this one!  This novel was definitely one of my favorites that I read in 2019.  It was easily written, simple to follow and has a capturing storyline.

Main character Rowan stumbles upon an add for a nanny position in the English Countryside.  With her impressive background in a daycare, she gets a call for an interview and takes the day long trek to the countryside from London.  She meets the family, who consist of three girls—- one teenager (who she doesn’t meet until later in the novel) two young girls, and the mother.  The father is away on business.  After an impressive “click” with the girls, she travels back to London where she quickly finds herself with an offer for the position.  She graciously accepts it— after all, who wouldn’t want the live in a mansion in the English country side and receive a very generous salary?  It was too good to be passed up.

As Rowan is forced to quickly settle into her new home and new life, things begin to shift around her.  Things are not as they had seemed on the forefront and she quickly begins to see and experience this.  Supernatural-esque events begin to happen and the story of the house begins to unfold.  Rowan is soon going into fight or flight mode until tragedy lands itself on the smart-home’s door steps and she is left having the explain what happened.

Writing her account (the entire novel is her first-person story) from her jail cell, Rowan begins to explain what she did right and what she may have done wrong, but all-in-all needs to defend her innocence of anyone’s worst nightmare— how and why one of the children was murdered.

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