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Book Review: Wild Game

An incredible biographical novel written by Adrienne Brodeur about her childhood into her adult years spent protecting and at times, defending an illicit affair of her mother’s. The novel goes into a deep analysis of the mother-daughter relationship and just how far one is willing to go for the other.

We follow the life of Adrienne, or “Rennie” as her family refers to her from her, during her early teenage years when her mother first confided in her. The novel develops around this secret and shows how much this secret has engulfed Rennie’s entire life. From first loves, to Hawaiian coasts, she somehow always finds herself webbed in the mess her mother has imbedded her a part of.

Wild Game is a novel that is part biography, part coming-of-age, part personal development. Brodeur writes with such immense detail, it is possible for the reader to forget that you are reaching a biographical novel and not realistic fiction.

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