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Chapter 8: Concluding Remarks

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

A photograph is something as simple as a moment in time captured to remember. It offers a portal into the past and digs into the memory of its viewer. A photograph offers emotion both through the subject as well as the viewer. Traditional photography areas such as landscape and basic portraiture have seen developments over the years. However, in the realm of specific portraiture has emerged the movement of maternity photography: A portal for a pregnant woman to see how truly beautiful she is as she faces one of the most life altering moments she has ever experienced. A portal to look back on, years down the line and reminisce on the power of the female body and the beauty of the ability to bear a child. From medical texts to glossy pages of magazines, maternity photography has seen a great shift in its development and advancement within society. A movement that I can proudly say, I am a contributor to.

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